Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Wings - Fuel Tanks

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Date: 6/7/2010
Task: Sealed and riveted the right fuel tank inboard and outboard ribs

Tonight we sealed and riveted the inboard and outboard ribs on the right fuel tank. I first riveted the T-410 to the outboard end rib. We then flared and fit the vent line, applied sealant to the tank skin, clecod the end ribs in place, and then began riveting the inboard rib. Then we secured and sealed the flop tube and reinforcement brackets. After the outboard end rib was riveted in place, we torqued the vent line fitting and put a dab of ProSeal on each snap-bushing to prevent anything from vibrating.

The ProSeal applicator. A very nice thing to have! We got away with a home caulking gun until finding a fellow RV builder with the right tool. Makes much less of a mess!

Here is the inboard end rib. The vent line elbow AN4 fitting was already toqued and sealed last week. We hand squeezed all of these rivets and then drove the AN470 rivets that join the T-405 and T-410 reinforcement plates.

Then we inserted and torqued the flop tube to 120 in. lbs and sealed the heck out of it!

Last we squeezed all the rivets in the outboard end rib and make a nice fillet and covered the shop heads with ProSeal.