Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Wings - Fuel Tanks

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Date: 5/5/2010
Task: Clecod the ribs back to the fuel tank skins. Fabricated anti-hangup parts for inverted tank.

Today we clecod the ribs to the skin of the left and right tank. We first cleaned all the parts thoroughly with MEK.

Next we fabicated an anti-hangup bracket out of .025" and riveted it to the access plate reinforcement bracket.

Then we fabricated a doubler plate to reinforce the right tank baffle to accomidate the relocation of the fuel sender. The sender cannot be located in the first tank bay due to the flop tube being installed there. So the sender gets mounted to the baffle from the rear, outboard of the second rib. The baffling isn't terribly thick, so I figured a reinforcement plate would help keep it solid.

Lastly we fabricated the anti-hangup bracket for the rib. There is a possibility the flop tube could get caught in front of the forward stiffener. The anti-hangup bracket was fabricated out of 0.25 and pop riveted to both the rib and the stiffener.