Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Wings - Fuel tanks

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Date: 02/23/2010
Task: Drilled the fuel caps and fabricated vent line clip

Today I picked up the fuel caps from Van's. They are the deluxe locking version and worth every penny! They are milled to tight tolerances and have a great look. We plan to get them engraved with the N-number eventually. I first drew a centerline on the cap bracket, aligned it with the top and bottom rivet holes, clamped in place, and drilled. I then drilled the fuel vent fitting hole in the inboard rib. It is a 7/16 hole that is aligned laterally with the fuel cap. Last task for the day was fabricating the T-714 vent line clip. It will get riveted to the fuel cap bracket and holds the vent line in place. I used the shank of a 1/4" drill bit to bend a scrap piece of 1/2" 0.25 around.

The cap flange in place, clamped, and first holes drilled.

All cap holes drilled. Looks centered!

Drilled the fuel vent line fitting hole to 7/16"

The blue vent line elbow fitting in place.

Fabricating the T-714 vent clip. It will hold the vent line shown in place to allow air to replace used fuel.