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Wings - Fuel Tanks

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Date: 2/9/2010
Task: Fabricated right tank z-brackets

I started on the right tank T-712 attach brackets. It went much faster after having spent quite a bit of time on the left brackets. The instructions say to mark a centerline on one of the flanges (lengthwise). However, doing so will allow a very close gap on the top of the flange when it gets pop riveted to the tank baffling. So I marked a centerline 0.27875 from the flange, which allows a large enough gap to git the rivet gun later on. Next I found the horizonal center and then drilled a #19 hole.I used a square to keep the braket aquare with the spar, and drilled the 2 other #19 holes.

The 6 outter T-712 tank attach brackets. The inner most bracket hadn't been drilled yet.

I purchased a T-411 tank access plate today from Van's that had no fuel float, pickup holes. This will be used for the right tank which will have a flop tube for aerobatic flight.