Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Wings - Fuel Tanks

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Date: 2/8/2010
Task: Continue fabricating tank parts.

I finished making the T-705 tank attach angle today. It took some work but turned out well and fits great. It mounts to the inner-most rib and will eventually mate up to a similar angle mounted to the fuselage. Its adds more strength to the fuel tank.

I then trimmed and placed the T-710 reinforcement plate in place, marked, and drilled 6 rivet holes.

Next came the access plate hole. I brought out the fly-cutter for the first time! It is one dangerous tool!!! With all that weight hanging out from center, it really shakes the drill press. It worked great though.

Then I placed the T-408 cover plate over the hole, centered it, and drilled the #8 screw holes. I then clecod the T-407 ring in place and drilled all the rivet holes. Nutplates will eventually get riveted here.

Next came the VA-112 drain flange. I centered it, tightened the drain, taped it in place, and drilled the 6 rivet holes.