Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Wings - Flaps

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Date: 11/29/2009
Task: Got a lot done today! I finished all the drilling and fabricating on both flaps. I then completed duburing the left flap, dimpling the parts, and started deburing/dimpling the right flap.

I started on the right flap today. Clecod the skeleton onto the bottom skin and match drilled holes to #30.

I then clecod the FL-701 top skin on and match drilled all skin to rib holes #40.

Next came the FL-706A/B mounting brackets. I used the same method as I did on the left side. Worked just as well and was twice as fast!

Enlarging the nutplate hole to 1/4" for the rod-end bearing that will control flap movement.

Next came the hinges. I marked up 1/4" from the bottom and used the other hindge as a straight edge to draw a

Then I used two cleco clamps to hold the hinge in position. I started by drilling holes above each rib and putting a cleco in place. I then split the distance and match drilled those holes and put clecos. I did this until there were no more than 2 undrilled holes in a row. It went pretty quick with the air drill to drill the rest of the holes.

Right flap hinge in place below. I then removed the flap and skin, and countersunk the FL-703 spar so the dimples in the skin would set in the spar.

I finished up the day by deburring all the holes in the left flap and dimpling. I then moved onto the right flap and was able to debur/dimple both skins before calling it a night.

Dimpling the FL-702 bottom skin.

On the left side of the table are all the deburred and dimpled parts for the left flap. On the right side are the right flap skins, also finished.