Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Wings - Flaps

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Date: 11/26/2009
Task: Started assembling the left flap today

It was great to finally start assebling parts for the wings after spending all week fabricating jigs! When I inventoried on Monday, I grouped all the subsections together (flaps, ailerons, leading edges, fuel tanks, and main wing parts). Below are the parts for both flaps.

I first clecod the FL-704/705-L ribs to the FL-703-L front spar. The 704 ribs are all the same, but the 705 ribs are marked left and right. I then clecod on the FL-702 bottom skin.

The next task was fabricating the FL-706A out of AA6-125x1 1/2x2. One is required for each flap so I'll make both at the same time. I started by marking in 2.625" from the edge and cutting with a bandsaw.

After cutting and sanding the edges, I marked the 1.5" side 0.75" in from the edge of the angle. These will be cut and finished tomorrow.

I then started working on the FL-708 spacers. Drawing 14A calls out dimensions of 1.875" x 0.625" out of 0.25 2024-T3 Alclad. The scrap piece I had was two narrow for our sheer so I used a pair of tin snips. These spacers don't need to be perfectly square, so I wasn't worried about the error associated with using tin snips. The two holes that will be drilled are really the critical aspects of the spacers. 2 are required for each flap, so I'm making all 4.

Here are the 4 FL-708 spacers cut to size.