Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Wings - Ailerons

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Date: 12/18/2009
Task: Started the W-716 aileron pushrods

I took an hour to work on the aileron bellcrank pushrods today. I started by cutting the pushrod into two 65.78125" lengths. I then drew a 1.125" circle in AutoCad with 3 lines going through it, 60 degrees apart. I printed it full scale and then just marked up on the push rods. I used a Center-It jig mounted on the drill press to drill the holes all the way through the pushrods. Worked out great! Finally I had to use my ScotchBrite wheel to sand down the edge of the VA-111 rod ends so they would have a snug fit inside the pushrods. Once they fit, I match-drilled and opened the holes up to #30. Finally, I cleaned up all the parts and will prime them the next time I have the gun out.