Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Wings - Ailerons

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Date: 12/6/2009
Task: Made a lot of progress on the ailerons today. Finished drilling and hole deburring all the parts. Started dimpling all parts.

I had finished the right skin yesterday, so I moved on to the left skin today. I clecod the A-801-1PP skin to the A-403PP spar and A-705 ribs. I final drilled all holes. I then flipped it over and did the bottom side.

Removed the plastic from the skin and deburred all the holes.

Fabricated the A-708 reinforcement brackets as previously done on the right aileron yesterday. I used the same cleco clamp method. Of course it went twice as fast today.

I clecod on the A-407 bracket and final drilled the three holes to #12 for an AN3 bolt.

Then I moved on to the left leading edge. Again, this went much faster than the right side now that I knew what I was doing. I used lots of cutting oil on the counterweight today which improved drilling time dramatically.

I then deburred all the parts.

By afternoon it was time to break out the C-Frame to start dimpling all the stiffeners and skins.

All of the aileron parts after hole deburring and dimpling. Left parts on the left and right on the right side of the table. Notice the flaps on the gray table ready to be riveted. I still need to edge debur the aileron parts.

Lastly, the skins have all been dimpled.