Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

Wings - Ailerons

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Date: 12/5/2009
Task: Cut the aileron stiffeners, drilled to the skin, and started clecoing and match drilling the parts.

I started by cutting the A-710 skin stiffeners from the long stock they come from. I used the band saw for this task. These are exactly the same as the elevator stiffeners.

After cutting I had to remove all the blue protective film so I could edge debur with my ScotchBrite wheel.

The stiffeners were then laid out on the A-801-1PP skin and clecod into place. I marked each stiffener with its location with a code like LT-1 (Left Aileron, Top Side, 1st inboard).

I then match drilled the stiffeners to the skin.

Once all the stiffeners were drilled, I clecod the A-403PP spar into place and final drilled it as well.

The next task was fabricating the A-408 spar reinforcement plates. These two plates are made of .040 2024-T3 Alclad and used to reinforce the ends of the spars for the mounting brackets which get attached to the aft brackets on the wings. I used cleco clamps to hold the plates in place, then drilled the two inboard holes and inserted clecos to hold in place. I used the spar as a guide and match drilled the rest of the holes.

I then clecod on the A-406-1 outboard aileron bracket and match drilled the three holes #12 for AN3 bolts.

Next came the leading edge assembly. This is built separately and then mated to the trailing edge portion previously built. It consists of the leading edge skin with two spars on each end and a piece of galvanized water pipe in the lower forward part as a counterweight. It's quite a good design. I cleco'd the A-704 nose ribs to the A-403PP spar, set the A-409 counterbalance in place, and clecod on the A-802PP skin.

I then match drilled the skin to spar holes and clecod in place.

Lastly, I match drilled the skin to counterbalance holes on the leading edge. This took quite awhile as the counterbalance is made of steel. Despite ample use of Bolube, I still went through a #30 bit and trashed it afterwards.