Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log


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Date: 10/24/2010
Task: Mounted flaps and ailerons

We are in finish-the-wings mode now! We got the ailerons set in their neutral position and flaps postioned, drilled, and riveted in place.

We first mounted the ailerons to the wings per the instructions. I realized that we could have used a set of washer wrenches. We then bolted the aileron pushrod to the bellcrank and through the neutral jig. Following the tooling holes on the end rib, we slowely adjusted the bellcrank rod-ends untill the ailerons were perfectly in-trail.


Once the ailerons were locked in their netural position, we attached the flap hinge to the one already riveted on the flap, and then clamped to the wing using 2 c-clamps. I used a piece of 3/16 balsa from the local hobby shop to set the horizonal position (gap between aileron and flap). Once clamped in place we used a level to ensure the flaps were in at the same level as the ailerons.

Next we drilled all of the holes, inboard to outboard, with clecos in every hole.

One finished assembly!

Two finished wings!