Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log


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Date: 10/17/2010
Task: Bottom skins

I got a ton accomplished today! I had the entire weekend to work on the airplane! I started by getting another shelf and organizing all of our fiberglassing/painting supplies, along with all the remaining wing and now fuselage parts.After organizing, I got to work on the bottom skins again.


I was able to solo rivet a few rows on the left wing outter skin.


Here is the technique for the outboard skins, specifically the skin/rear spar rivets. After clecoing the skin in place, we take out all the clecos up to the holes to be riveted next. We place to clecos in the next holes to keep the skin tight against the spar, and then set the rivet. After that, we move the cleco to the next open hole and just hopsotch clecos after riveting. This method worked very well.


Next I riveted the nutplates to the holes for the wing access plates.


I was able to rivet 3 bays solo, but counldn't continue without a helper.


Lastly I did some wiring on the wings. I terminated all of the grounds on the terminal I installed on the second rib outboard from the root rib. I then labeled all of the wires.