Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log


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Date: 08/30/2010
Task: Fixed a few rivets on the top skins, dimpled the bottom of the wing ribs, installed snap-bushings, and prepped the gap fairings

Today we got a lot done in only a couple of hours. We started by drilling out two rivets on the top skins of the wings. One on the right wing had bent over a bit so I elected to drill it out. Another on the left wing was sitting a bit proud so I decided to drill it out as well. In the process of drilling it out, I elongated the hole, so we set a NAS1097AD4-5 oops rivet in place.

The oops rivet set in the left wing.

Dewey dimpling the bottom of the ribs/spars for the bottom skins.


We then inserted several snap-bushings in the wing ribs for coax, pitot and AOA plumbing, and autopilot servo wiring.


Next we installed the electrical conduit in the wing ribs. The conduit will house the Nav/Strobe wires along with the landing light wires.

Lastly we prepped the flap and aileron gap fairings for attachment. The flap fairings needed a long notch to be cut out using the band saw. We then clecod them in place and will match drill them to the rear spar and top skin. They get riveted in place once we remove the wings from the cradle and lay them down on the bench to install the aileron/flap brackets.