Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log


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Date: 08/29/2010
Task: Riveted right outboard top skin

Today we riveted the rest of the wing skins on! We started with the right wing outboard skin, the proceded with the left wing inboard skin and then outboard. After setting a few rivets in the left wing inboard skin I realized about 15 of the holes on the rear spar had not been dimpled! I only had to drill out a few rivets to get access to the spar with the hand sqeezer. We started at the center rib and worked out in all directions. As per the directions, we saved the lap joint for last.

The right wing skins are on!!!

And the left wing skins too!

Between riveting the wing skins I was able to prime the pitot tube brackets. I also riveted nutplates on the bracket of the pitot mast.