Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log


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Date: 07/20/2010
Task: Fitted pitot tube mount to left wing

Today we mounted the pitot tube mount to the left wing. The location we selected is outboard of the last inspection plate opening on the bottom of the left wing. We used the chrome Gretz mount. It came with 2 mounting plates. One has a joggle in it so it can be mounted behind the main spar flange and still be flush with the skin, and then a washer plate that allows the tube to be tilted forward or aft by adding washers.

First I match drilled the 4 holes on the top with the wing spar. Next I fabricated a right angle bracket to be mounted to the rib for reinforcement.

Here is the chrome Gretz mount. It's very nice and very strong.

I used cleco clamps to hold the right angle bracket in position to drill the holes through the rib.

Next I match drilled the holes through the reinforcement plate through the right angle bracket.

Here is the skin before drilling.

...and after drilling the holes from the inside of the wing. These will be dimpled and riveted to the reinforcement plate.

Clecod in place and airfoil shap hole traced.

Once the hole was cut and sanded smooth, I trial mounted the pitot mount. It looked great!

Here the Falcon pitot tube is attached. It was perfectly aligned with the longitudinal axis of the wing!

Here is the view from the inside. The two wires are for heat and the tube is for the pitot supply line. I have an adapter that will change from aluminum fittings to plastic tubing.