Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log


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Date: 07/04/2010
Task: Worked on the right leading edge light

It was a productive day at the airplane factory today! My girfriends dad came by to help dimple the top side of the left wing ribs.Meanwhile I continued working on the leading edge landing light cutout.

I started by riveting the 2 #10 nutplates to the light mount. I also ran all the edges along my Scotchbrite wheel to smooth them out.

After getting the cutout to the right size, I polished it with a small scotchbrite wheel and then used the template to mark and drill the center hole on the top and bottom of the cutout.

Next I placed the retainer strip into position and drilled the other two holes on bot the top and bottom.

After making a rough cut on the lens, I pulled the lens in place and drilled the 6 holes #40.

Then I riveted the #4 screw nutplates to the retainer strips.

Finally I dimpled the 6 lens mounting holes with a #6 die.