Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log


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Date: 5/29/2010
Task: Cut leading edge light holes

Now that the leading edges are riveted together and clecod onto the wing spar, it was time to install the Duckworks leading edge landing/taxi lights. The lights we chose are 100W halogens that mount inside the wing. A lexan lens will be mounted in the hole to be cut out. Supplied with the landing light kit is a template that I cut out and placed over the leading edge. Measuring 18.75" forward from the leading edge skin break, and 2.5" outboard of the second to last rib, I traced the template onto the skin.


Using my trusty Dremel tool and an 1/8" endmill bit, I carefully cut inside the line.

The view from the top of the wing.


Cutting the hole was the easy part, I then carefully shaped the cutout with a file and emry cloth. This is the left wing below, the right wing has yet to be shaped after intial cutting.