Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log


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Date: 01/05/2010
Task: Assembled aileron bellcranks, finished wing walk doublers, started aileron brackets.

I placed an order for a Longeron Yoke and several hundred more 3/32" clecos so can't do much more with the main wing skeleton until the order arrives. I thought I'd work on a few odds and ends by getting the hardware and bushings in place for the WD-421 bellcranks. I had to ream the brass bushings 1/4" and cut the aluminum bushings to 1 1/16" out of AT6-058x5/16. I then put all of the required bolts, washers, and nuts in place for future assembly with the wing.

Also finished the left W-727 wing walk doubler.

Next I fabricated the two W-423 joint plates out of AS3-032x1.5x36.5. I marked down 1/2" from the top which will eventually line up with the inboard rivet line of the leading edge skins.

Today concluded with assembly of the aileron attach brackets. I got all the parts clecod together, deburred, final drilled, and ready for primer. I'll have lots of parts to prime once the leading edges are final drilled and disassembled.