Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log


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Date: 12/16/2009
Task: Finished tie-down brackets, started rear spars

Finished the tie down brackets today and got them mounted on the main spars. We then started on the rear spars. Lots of match drilling and deburring.

Primed the W-726 spacers.

Riveted the W-726 spacers to the W-731 tie-down bracket.

Mounted the bracket assemblies to the main spars and fastened the W-823PP aileron bell crank brackets.

Here is the aft side of the spar where the W-823 brackets mount. The aileron bell crank will eventually mount there.

Started the rear spars by edge deburring The W-707A/D/E/F/G spars and reinforcement brackets.

The RV-7 requires a slightly smaller W-707D due to fuselage mounting clearance. I marked the dimensions per DWG 38 and cut on a band saw.

I clamped W-707F into position on the end of the W-707G spar using cleco clamps.

Then match drilled all holes to #30.

Measured 50.75" from the outboard end of the spar for horizontal placement of W-707E.

Then match drilled...

Next I used my unibit to open up the aileron push rod hole and then a Dremel to smooth it out. Turned out really well. Its an odd shaped opening..

Lastly we clecod the W-707D and W-707G onto the W-707A rear spar and match drilled.

We repeated for the right spar and then deburred all holes. Ready for priming!