Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log


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Date: 12/14/2009
Task: Countersunk wing spars for tank platenuts

Big day today! I started on the spars by countersinking all 240 holes for the rivets that will hold the 120 tank attach plate-nuts. I then riveted the plate-nuts on with 3-4 rivets and countersunk the screw holes to accept the dimples in the tank skin. I also countersunk the holes for the wing inspection plates.

Here are a few of the many #40 holes that were countersunk for plate-nuts.

All of the tank attach plate-nut rivet holes have been countersunk on the right wing spar.

Flipped it over and repeated on the top of the spar.

I then clecod the K1100-8 plate-nuts in place and riveted one side, removed the cleco, and riveted the other side. Repeater 30 tmes for each side of the left spar.

Once the plate-nuts were riveted in place, it was time to countersink the screw holes. The plans call for using a #30 countersink pilot and to make the OD of the c/s hole approx 0.370". With a screw in place, there is an obvious halo around the countersink. The spar will accept the dimple of the tank skin which will be a bit larger than the screw.

Lastly I riveted the K1000-6 plate-nuts in place with 3-6 rivets.

All of the screw holes on the left spar countersunk!

Taped an area just outside the plate-nuts for priming.

The left spar countersunk holes primed.