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Date: 12/08/2011
Task: Front Deck

Getting the front deck assembly done was todays task. I had previously neglected to finish the F-721D brackets due to the difficulty drilling at such a tight angle. I wanted to wait until the panel was in-place and the whole front deck assembly was secure. First I tried to drill into F-721A with an angle drill, but that didn't work. The panel is in the way of the drill head. So what I did was clamp the F-721D to the panel and then use the drill to just mark the position of the hole. I then removed the panel and drilled using the marks. This metho actually worked pretty well. Once clecod in place, I could use the panel as a guide to drill a #19 hole through F-721D for the #8 screw.



Once the brackets were finished, I started the very last piece of the fuselage kit yet to be fabricated, the F-703B angle. It is essentially a 3/4 x 3/4 x 0.63 angle that gets corrugated to bend around the top of the panel. It adds substaintial support to the panel for rigity and stiffness. The reason it is the last piece to be fabricated is because it is a pain in the rear! First I had to measure and cut the angle to length, then I used my caliper to measure and mark about 30 different lines where the metal gets cut. The red marks are shown in the picture below.

Once the metal was marked, I drilled #30 as close to the vertex as possible. The 1/8 drill bit will create the 1/16" radius called out in DWG 24A. After all the holes were drilled, I marked angled lines from each hole to even sides of the centerline, at approx 15 degrees.

After 15 minutes on the band saw, here is the end result!