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Date: 12/07/2011
Task: Finish Wing root nuplates & Front Deck

Today I finished riveting the wing root nutplates in place. I also found a great solution to a problem I had with the lower aft wing root nutplate. When the left wing was mounted, I forgot to match drill that particular hole. I was worried that I would have to mount the wing again to drill that one hole and then pull the wing off again (which is no easy task). Instead I grabbed a piece of 0.60 aluminum and drilled 4 #8 holes that matched the hole pattern on the wing. Then I match drilled the aft hole through the piece of 0.60.


Here the template I made is clecod to the left side of the lower fuselage skin. I simply match drilled through the template and into the skin. It worked out very well!

Next I drilled the #40 holes for the nutplate, countersunk the rivet holes, dimpled the screw holes, and riveted the nuplate in place.

Next I started clecoing the front deck in place. There are a few little final tasks to complete. The 2 brackets that the sides of the panel screw into need to be riveted to the canopy rails and 2 more brackets still need to be fabricated.

Here is the F-721C bracket that needs to get riveted to the canopy rail. I tried to squeeze them but ended up having to shoot them.