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Date: 12/06/2011
Task: Wing Fairing Nutplates

It was great getting back to the airplane today! After two months of training and IOE for the new job, I'm now flying a Piper Chieftain solo. They are really a great airplane that handles icing very well and cruises at about 170kts. With a 2000lb cargo capacity, I can fit a lot in the thing.

It took a good half-hour to look over the project and figure out what I still had left to do with the fuselage kit. Fortunately the list is very short. The most time-intensive was getting all of the nutplates riveted to the wing roots for the wing-root fairing. I had been putting this task off for awhile just becuase it wasn't holding anything up. In the end, it was pretty straightforward and quick. Drill the rivet holes, countersink them, dimple the leading edge #8 screw holes, dimple the bottom skin screw holes, and machine countersink the #8 screw holes on the top of the wing.

The last task for the evening was to attach the NACA vents to the fuselage cutouts. I had been waiting until we got the fuel vent lines in but ended up ordering flexible lines from Bonaco. I sanded the vents to scuff them up as well as the inside of the fuse skin. Mixed up some ProSeal and spread it onto the edges of the vent.