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Date: 09/28/2011
Task: Misc Catch-Up

Today was catch-up day. We got a lot of small tasks done that had been on my short list for awhile.

We bolted the servo to the left inboard seat rib and attached the weldment plate as well. I connected the servo and verified it moves correctly.

The baggage area tunnel cover was originally cut too much, allowing a 1/4" hole to be seen from the baggage area. I was less concerned with looks as I was the possibility of things dropping down into the tunnel.

Primed the AN fitting spacers.

Painted 2 of the AN spacers, the right F-757, and the baggage tunnel cover.

We edge deburred the panel and bent the lower part for rigitity. It looks great! While this isn't the final panel, it will be a placeholder to keep the strenth of the forward deck while the canopy is being fitted.