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Date: 09/24/2011
Task: Roll Bar Attach

Today we continued work on the aileron trim module and started riveting the roll bar supports. This involved riveting the F-705G brackets to the bulkhead, the F-757 plates to the bulkhead, and running the static line on the left side of the fuselage.

After putting the trim bracket back together, we had to clamp the servo in position and drill the 4 mounting holes. It is VERY tight in that area and we ended up having to remove the elevator control rod.

Next we clecod and riveted the F-705G bracket in place. The two upper outboard holes were impossible to rivet with my rivet-sets. So we decided to open the holes for a #8 AN525 structural screw. I've seen this done before and Van's has blessed it.

Next we installed the F-757 plate. This plate ties the F-705 bulkhead to the upper longerons and provides attachment for the canopy roll bar and for the canopy to lock down into. This is a very thich and supportive area of the fuselage.

Once the bulkhead was finished, we installed the static line. I bought the tubing from McMaster-Carr. I had already drilled the holes so it was just a matter of pulling the tubing through.

This past summer I had made these little static line retainers. They are simply bent pieces of aluminum. We riveted them in place.

Next we installed the flap motor housing. It really helps brace the F-705 crossmember.

The paint finish on the right F-757 didn't turn out very well so I decided to strip it and repaint.