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Date: 09/22/2011
Task: Aileron Trim & Aft Seat Floors

Today I started work on the electric aileron trim module. It is a pretty straightforward setup and seems effective. We also finished riveting the aft seat floors down.


. I brought the delin block to work and used a milling machine to cut the small slot in the block. I also used a drill press to drill the 2 #10 holes in the block.

Next I installed the weldment, drilled a 1/16th hole in it, and installed the cotterpin.

We clamped the block onto the mounting plate and drilled the holes through the plate.

We then clamped the bracket assembly inbetween the two inboard seat ribs.Two nutplates on the ribs had to be removed and instead the nutplates will be on the trim bracket. Two lower holes also were drilled using the seat rib as a guide.

After pulling everything apart and cleaning, I primed the parts.

Shown above is the trim servo and all the parts primed and ready for assembly.

I also got some misc taskes done tonight. We pop riveted the F-782D forward cover support brackets in place.

Lastly we finished riveting the aft seat floors in place.