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Date: 09/17/2011
Task: Control Systems & Baggage Floors

Today was very productive! I was able to rivet the baggage floors in place. I also clecod the aft seat floors in place after gluing the insulation in place.

Baggage floors are in? Lots of LP4-3 pulled-rivets and about 20 nutplates.

View inside the baggage area. Next building day we'll rivet the aft seat floors in place.

Now that the elevator push-rods are in place for the last time, I installed the AN960-L washers in between the weldment and the rod-end bearing. It was a real bugar getting those installed!

Same story on the aft end of the pushrod where it connects to the bellcrank. Two thin washers had to go inbetween the pushrod and bellcrank. Fortunately the top rodend is wide enough that no spacing wahsers are required.