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Date: 09/15/2011
Task: Control Systems & Baggage Floors

Continued work on the control system tonight, installed the baggage floors, and the F-705G bracket.

After installing the little cut-outs (removed when we first received the QB Fuse), I found the control weldment was hitting the lower edge. I'll sand them with the Dremel.


We also clecod the baggage floors down after installing the insulation. Not shown but we used 3M Super 90 aerosol adhesive. It works VERY well.


Last task of the evening was to install and rivet the F-705G angle to the F-705 bulkhead assembly It is a massive bracket and in a very hard place to position the rivet gun. The two upper holes (far left) are impossible to get with my offset rivet set, so as many builders have done, I'm going to drill out for a #8 machine screw.