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Date: 09/12/2011
Task: Control Systems

We've had the Infinity control grips for awhile now but I'm finally getting to them. They come with a very thick multi-conductor blue cable that would require an excessively large hole in the sticks to pass through. I decided to remove about 6 wires (all grounds) and tie them together. I also removed all of the blue outer jacket. Once that was done, I put snake-skin around the wire which reduced the OD considerably.

I ran the wire through the sticks to check the room remaining with rod-end bearings in place. The stick is WAY too long and will eventually get cut down once the seats are in.

You can see the snake-skin coated wire coming out of the bottom of the stick. It is pretty small in diameter and there is plenty of room for it and the two rod-end bearings without binding.

As many other builders have documented, the F-779 control rod hits the bottom of its cutout mid-way where the wing rear-spar is. The Dremel took care of this in seconds. We ran some emry cloth over it and then used the Q-Tip method of priming.