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Date: 09/05/2011
Task: Control System

Happy Labor Day! Today we installed the rudder cables all the way through the fuselage bulkheads and attached them to the rudder. We also installed the control stick weldments to set the elevator pushrod lengths.

Here we've temporarily installed a bol attaching the rudder cable to the rudder control horn.

You can see the rudder cable has been run on the left side of the fuse. The control stick weldments have also been installed.

Not shown was setting the length of the large diameter elevator pushrod. To set the rod-end positions, we clamped the elevators in their neutral position and then screwed the rod-ends in until the forward rod-end was aligned with the top hole of the elevator bell-crank. Once it was connected, we found the sticks were hitting the seat ribs before hitting the up elevator stop. So the whole assembly needs to be removed so I can sand the opening in the ribs larger.