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Date: 09/01/2011
Task: Brake/Rudder Pedals

Tonight I got a quick hour in to drill the master cylinder attach points on the rudder pedals. Their is quite a bit of room for error here so I was very careful how I approached this. The goal is to make sure the pedals are all at the same vertical angle when in the aircraft and so they are comfortable for our feet. I used a great idea from this builder to drill the pedals for the master cylinders. It worked really well and was dirt simple. I then put all the hardware together along with the return spring modification on the master cylinders.

Here the pedals have been installed on the weldment.

Once the pedals were installed with the long bolts, I attached the master cylinders to the rudder pedals.

The next task was to drill the brake pedals for the master cylinders. The location is very important because you don't want ankle cramps when sitting in the cockpit from pedals that are too vertical. They also can't be tilted too far aft, making it awkeward to brake. I used a piece of angle to align the rudder pedals and then a straight edge to align the two brake pedals. I then marked the location of the hole with a short #12 bit. Then I removed the pedals, found center of the mark I made, and drilled the hold. It worked really well and was very consistent amoung all the pedals.

Once the holes were drilled, I attached the master cylinders to the brake pedals and also installed the return springs on the master cylinders. It involved a collar on the bottom, spring, and metal collar on top with a set screw. They seem to really help bring the brake pedals back to the vertical position.