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Date: 08/27/2011
Task: Finished mounting the empanage!

Today I was able to finish mounting the emp! The last task was to drill the two lower AN4 bolt holes on the rear spar of the VS and then to set the rudder swing by fabricating a rudder stop.

For some reason the quickbuilders made the UP elevator stop incorrect and it sticks out way too far aft. It should only be about 1/8 aft of the rear deck cutout line. So I used an air saw and cut it away.

We also set all of the rivets on the side skits to longerons.


Now that the side skin to longeron rivets have been set and the UP elevator stop has been trimmed, we mounted the HS in place and torqued all of the bolts.

Using the drill block I fabricated for the wing rear spars, I first milled 0.100" off and it fit perfectly between the elevator horns for drilling. I opened up the hole to an AN3 and installed the push rod.

Next we bolted the VS into place and secured the lower AN4 bolt, two upper AN3 bolts, and the forward spar AN4 bolts.

These two upper AN4 bolts were all that remained. I measured carefully, checked for edge distance on the tailwheel weldment and drilled.

Lastly we fitted the rudder into place and trimmed the internal rudder stop I purchased off of for the prescribed 35 degrees sweep. It worked like a charm!