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Date: 08/14/2011
Task: Started mounting the empennage

Today was huge! I mounted the horizontal stabilizer on the rear deck! After ensuring the fuselage was completely level (center spar section and rear-deck), I did a lot of measuring to find the correct placement of the 4 holes that go through HS-714 and the rear-deck/longerons. There are several places where edge distance is very important, so I approached this task very carefully. Once centered on the rear-deck, and loosely clamped in place, I measured from each corner of the firewall to the aft outboard corner of the horizontal stab. After getting it completely square and centered, I firmly clamped it in place and started drilling. It took quite a while to drill the 4 holes through HS-714 due to the tight confines of the area.


After the front four holes were drilled and reamed, I removed the hs, deburred all parts, and drilled 4 1/8" pilot holes through the rear spar vertical bars.

I then bolted the hs back on and checked the angle of incidence. The design is for 0 degrees which there is no easy way to measure for. There are 4 tooling holes that can be used to measure and ensure the 0 degree angle is met. I used a block with a #12 drill in it and made sure all for holes were level with the bit. The 3/16" spacing that Van's calls out for ended up being perfect.

The HS has been mounted permanently and now the VS is clamped and ready to be mounted!