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Date: 08/11/2011
Task: Started mounting the empennage

Tonigh I spent a little time researching and reading the instructions to get an idea of how the emp gets mounted. It appears to be pretty straight forward, however there are some crucial measurements to be made. I started by making the F-792 shims. The are simply shims that get placed under the front spar of the horizontal stabilizer.

I first leveled the fuselage to ensure all measurements are square. Since we recently mounted the wings, the fuse was already pretty square on its stand, so it didn't take long.


After placing a 3/16" block under the rear spar, I clamped it to the vertical bars coming up from the rear-deck.

This is the right side view from under the tail. I was concerned because the inboard portion of the horizontal stab is resting on the rear deck. I'll have to use my Dremel to trim some of the skin away. I e-mailed Van's this picture and they said this issue happens on a lot of QB fuse kits.