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Date: 07/06/2011
Task: Drilled lower fuselage skin at wing root

Tonight we redrilled the right F-796A tank attach bracket. It had been misdrilled initially and the hole became elongated. The rest of the evening was spent making the flap cutout holes.


Van's provides no instructions regarding the flap cutout holes. They don't give you any clue as to exactly what shape to make them. After looking on several builders websites I found one that I liked. Essentially you start by drilling the punched holes out to about 1/4".

The finished product is a half-moon shaped hole on the side-skin and an odd shaped oval hole on the bottom.

I filed and filed and filed some more untill the flap came up to the bottom of the fuse skin and matched up with the aileron in an in-trail position.

Finally, after a whole lot of filing, I connected the flap to the actuator and found it moved the flap up and down very well.