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Date: 06/29/2011
Task: Drilled lower fuselage skin at wing root

After spending all day Saturday mating the wings and drilling the all important rear spar bolts, I discovered I made a mistake! Luckily the mistake was not with the bolts but rather with the lines I drew at the room where the open holes are for nutplates. Rather than drawing the horizontal lines on the bottom of the wings, I drilled them on the top. That means I had no idea where the open holes were since the bottom fuselage skin covers them up. Rather than pulling the wings off, I decided to try something. I measured the distance from the screw holes on the top wing skin to the nearest rivet outboard; it was just under 3". I made a small metal jig of that exact dimension so I could measure in from the same rivet line on the bottom skin. After making a horizontal straight line on the fuse skin extended from the wing rivet lines, I used the jig to mark the vertical line. This worked out perfectly! I was able to easily drill the holes #40 and then #19 for the #8 nut-plates.

The other thing I did tonight was drill the T-704 fuel tank brackets where they attach to the F-796A tank support brackets. Since the support bracket already had a 1/4" slot, I found a thick piece of angle and drilled an undersized hole in it. I then clamped it to both the tank bracket and tank support bracket, ensuring it was centered in the slot. I then match-drilled with the undersized bit. Lastly, I used a 0.25" reamer to open the hole up for an AN4 bolt.

We used a piece of angle with an undersized 0.25" hole drilled in it as a guide. It ensured the hole was drilled straight since I used an angle drill from behind.

Next I drilled the two nut-plate rivet holes #40.

Lastly we riveted the nutplates in place. The inboard onces could be hand squeezed, the outboard rivets had to be bucked.