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Date: 06/28/2011
Task: Drilled wing root fairings

This evening I marked the hole locations for the F-796A fuel tank support bracket, worked on drilling the wing root fairings to the wings, and also put parts of the fuel system together so I could measure the length of fuel line required.

I bolted the F-697A L/R to the fuselage and the fit perfectly! They kissed the T-704 tank bracket perfectly!
I used a Sharpie to mark the hole location, but after reading several other builders websites, I found that I may just run a 1/4" drill though for the bolt hole rather than waiting untill the wings come off.

The wing root fairings didn't go on without a fight. I removed the two aft most screws on the fuel tanks and had to really work at it to get a cleco through the fairings into the holes. But alas, I got all the clecos in and match-drilled through the fairing into the wing skin with a #19 bit for #8 screws.

Here is the right side fairing with just the aft clecos in place (since the holes in the wings were already there.

After drilling the fairing/wing skin holes to #8, I made a little offset tool with a piece of 0.32. I rounded the corners and then measured in 3/16" for the required gap between the fuselage skin and root fairing. I drilled a hole at the 3/16" mark just large enough for the tip of a Sharpie to go through. I can then slide the piece of metal along the fuse skin and it will allow me to draw a straight line for me to trim later on.

The next task of the evening was to get the fuel vent fittings installed so the fines can be formed. The cool aerodynamic vents in the picture are from JD Air Parts. They are very slick and replace the AN fittings called out in the plans with a 45 degree angle.

I also assembled the fuel selector on the mounting plate. Tonight I needed to measure the length of fuel lines required from Bonaco. They manufacture stainless steel braided teflon fuel lines to replace the soft aluminum lines Van's provides. They are much safer and much less likely to break over time.

I clecod the selector in place and also temporarily mounted the fuel pump to the center cabin cover to measure the fuel line length. It looks great! Now I just need to paint the cabin!