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Date: 06/18/2011
Task: Continued painting interior parts

Tonight I painted the seat backs, forward spar covers, flap actuator covers and center tunnel cover. I was also able to drill the F-796C fuel tank attach brackets to the fuselage. Not shown are the lines I drew on the bottom of the wing skinsfor the plate-nuts on the inboard edge. I marked a line out towards the tip and made another mark at 3". The instructions indicate that I'm supposed to draw that same line on the bottom fuse skin and then measure 3" back to drill the hole. Hopefully that works out!


I started by removing the clecos from the 3 holes and inserting AN426AD3-8 rivets. I then put a piece of tape over them to keep them in place.

Once the tape was in place I used a straight edge and marked a line along the tape that was straight with the rivet line above and below the tape.

Next I installed the bracket and tightened the top bolt down. I then used an angle drill to drill the bottom bolt hole #14 and then 0.189 ream.

Here the right side is complete too.