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Date: 06/08/2011
Task: Painted with the interior paint for the first time!

Tonight was a big night! I was finally ready to experiment with the Sherwin Williams JetFlex interior paint. The color we chose was Sandy Beige. I read as much as I could on VAF about proper preperation of the metal and setup of the HPLV gun. I also used the SW documentation to guide the setup of the paint gun. It specified 30-50 PSI for a smooth finish and reduced 10-20% DI H2O. I decided to go in the middle and try 15% DI and 40PSI at the gun. This setup worked PERFECTLY. The finish came out really well! Once nice feature of SW JetFlex is how quick it flashes. It does take about 2-3 weeks to fully cure, but its ready to touch in about 20 minutes to flip parts, etc.

I started by mixing the paint well in the can. I then poured 10oz into a mixing cup. I added 1.5oz of DI H2O and mixed well. I then filtered into the gun.

I started with two scrap pieces of metal. I was very happy with the results so prepped a few parts to be painted.

Here are the very first parts I painted: the fuel valve cover and throttle/mixture/prop control mounting bracket.

Next I prepped and painted several other interior parts

After painting both sides and letting it dry for about 30 minutes, I moved the parts to the work bench which I covered with thick butchar paper.

Lastly I started prepping more parts for the next painting session. The process is started by lightly running ScotchBrite over the parts. I then clean them with alcohol. Next I brlow them off with compressed air. Finally I wipe them down with a TackCloth made for water-reducable paints.