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Date: 06/05/2011
Task: Sanded canopy frame, removed interior floor panels, drilled baggage tie-downs

After returning from our honeymoon this past week it was back to work on the airplane project today. It's been 3 weeks since I've touched it! Before I left I filled the tooling holes in the canopy frame with epoxy/flocked cotton to conceal them. I sanded those down so it can be re-primed and painted.

Here is the left bottom tooling hole sanded smooth.

The top tooling holes filled and sanded smooth.

I bought these baggage tie-downs from a motorcycle company online. They are great because the ring isn't always installed. It is just the black mount that is permanently installed. I installed two on the forward area of the baggage compartment on the forward panels behind the seats.

The second two tie-down rings were installed on the aft are of the baggage floors along a rib for reinforcement. I'll end up riveting 1/4" nutplates to the floor stiffener.