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Date: 05/16/2011
Task: Nutplates, cover plate, and filling

Tonight was the last night of the work session for about 20 days. I'm getting married to an incredible woman this Saturday and then will be going on our honeymoon to Maui! When we return, I'll be ready to paint the interior parts, attach several baggage tie-downs, mate the wings, run the fuel supply/vent lines, and paint the fuselage interior.

On this last work session I finished a few items that had been hanging in limbo for the past few days..

First I found a one-leg 10-32 nutplate (K2000-3) for an AN3 bolt ont he right side of the brake fluid reservoir. A regular nutplate was too close to the steel gusset on the right side of the firewall. I drilled, countersunk, and riveted the nutplate on the firewall. The brake fluid reservoir is now ready to mount!

Since we want to install some type of baggage lighting/coat hangar, etc we decided to do as many have and install a cover plate for the F-732A channel. I made it out of .025" and then measured and marked the locations for 4 holes on each side. We clamped an drilled for #6 platenuts.

Here the nutplates are riveted to the channel and cover plate is drilled.

Thankfully I've been reading ahead on Bruce Swayze's website and found that several builders have had issues with the seat back braces interfering with the F-631C/D angles. I clecod them on and sure enough I had to trim them. Good thing I caught this before painting the parts.

Last task for the evening was filling the 4 tooling holes on the forward side of the canopy frame. Purly cosmetic. I mixed up some West Systems epozy with flocked cotton and filled the holes. Here is the side hole with red duct tape on the bottom to give something for the epoxy to pour into. The tape will be removed.

Here are the top two tooling holes filled with slurry. It has been well over a year since I've used this stuff and in hindsight I should have used the microballoons rather than cotton fiber. We'll see what happens after I sand.