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Date: 05/14/2011
Task: Finished canopy roll bar!

Today my goal was to finish the canopy roll bar. There were several odds and ends to be done to get it leveled and prepped for dilling. The steps are documented below.

To drill the two exterior screw holes that secure the outter skin to the F-631C bracket and the roll bar frame, I first measured and marked the two holes on the F-631C.The plans call out using the top skin as a guide but due to possible clearance issues, I decided to deviate from the plans. I first drilled the holes to #40 in both brackets.

Once the brackets were clecod in place, I back drilled the skin using a angle drill.

I then opened up both holes to #29 per the plans, and drilled the skin only #19. The F-631C and frame will be tapped 8-32.

Next I drilled the two aft holes using the F-631C as a guide. Those holes were then opened up to #12 with a ream for a #10 screw.

I countersunk the two aft holes on both sides for an AN509-10R10 screw and then tapped the two forward holes on both sides for 8-32 screws.

Last task of the day to finish the roll bar was drilling the insides of the canopy frame to the F-631D bracket. I measured up 7/8" and cenetered each bolt on the forward/aft half of the frame.