Trevor & Dewey's RV-7 Construction Log

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Date: 05/10/2011
Task: Tank bracket and trimming canopy frame

Tonight we accomplished many tasks We drilled the holes for the fuel vent lines in the fuselage. They were punched already so I just opened them up to 7/16. We also worked on the fuel tank bracket doubler angles and then back to the canopy frame.

The larger 7/16 hole is where the fuel tank vent line exits the fuselage.

The hole on the right is where the vent is located. Rather than use a cut off AN fitting for a vent, we are going to go with new vents from JD Air. They look really nice!

Next we clecod the tank support brackets and shims onto the fuselage and opened up the upper and lower holes for an AN3 bolt.

The next task of the evening was to continue work on the canopy frame. The height of the frame is supposed to be 17 7/8", however we are shortening ours both lengthwise and in hight to accommidate the Sikaflex glue. Due to headroom restrictions, I don't want to shorten it by too much. So we decided to make the dimension 17.71. This meant trimming away some of the rear portion of the frame so it could next in the F-631C.

Once the aft edges were trimmed we remounted the frame in position on the fuselage. It fit well and to the correct height.

Before we could match-drill the holes through the skin into the canopy frame, I needed to fabricate 2 shims to takeup the extra space outside of the F-631C and inside of the skin.

With the shim in place, the skin lays perfectly flat over the F-631C mounting bracket.