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Date: 05/10/2011
Task: Mounted battery box and brake reservoir

Tonight we drilled the holes for the battery box and brake reservoir.


Only 3 of the 6 holes are used for mounting the battery box to the firewall. Two of the holes are where existing rivets are. We first drilled those out and then clecod the battery box to the firewall to match drill.

After match drilling the three holes to #10, I reamed an AN3 bolts.

Next we drew a straight line through the top few rivets on the upper right side of the firewall. The two bolt holes for the brake reservoir are located along that center line. I then drew a straight line down from the center point and opened the hole up to 1/2 for the fitting to enter the cabin.

After drilling and reaming the bolt holes, I drilled the holes for K1000-3 nutplates.