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Date: 05/08/2011
Task: Finished the canopy frame

Today I worked on finishing up the canopy frame. I started by first clamping the F-732A channel to the F-732D angle and drilled 4 evenly spaced holes.
Next I clamped the F-732E angles to the F-732A/F-732D subassembly and match-drilled through F-732A. Description continues below each picture...


Here I'm drilling the F-732A to the F-732D angle which has already been riveted to the aft frame.

I then clamped and drilled the holes through the F-732E into F-732A and the rear frame.

I then squeezed the rivets so the aft frame could be riveted onto the forward part of the frame I completed yesterday.

I didn't take any pictures of it but here is the completed frame after pop riveting it to the forward half. It then clecod the F-732A channel to the frame.

The next task was to set the 8 AN425AD4-6 rivets on F-732F to F-732A. The aft most 8 rivets go through the top skin, gusset, F-706 rib, and then this assembly.

Last thing I did today was clamp the F-631C to the outside of each channel, and then clamp the F-631D to the inside. The F-631D overlaps, providing a spacer where the longeron goes. There are 2 keeper rivet holes I drilled #40.

After drilling and deburring, I set the 2 AN426AD3-8 rivets on each set of angles.

Here is the canopy frame temporarily clecod in place. \ F-732A has been clecod to the top skin, but the bottom of the frame still has not been drilled.

Forward view. Looking like an airplane fueselage!