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Date: 05/01/2011
Task: Assembled parts

Today was very productive! I was able to nearly finish the forward deck sub-assembly. There were several small angle pieces that needed to be drilled to support the main panel. I also cut the F-745 main ribs to allow them to move horizontally from their original position. The EFIS screens are centered on the pilot and copilot view which is directly where the F-745 ribs are located. My plan is to move them inboard of the EFIS screens and just outboard of the center radio stack.


To start things off I clamped and drilled the F-721C angle with a 5/32 bit per the drawing. I then enlarged the hole in the panel and F-721C with #19 for a #8 screw. Next I clamped and drilled the F-703C angle to the sides of the panel.

Here is a rear view of the F-703C angle and F-721C angle drilled to the panel and F-721A forward deck.

Once the angles were drilled to the panel and forward deck, I was able to drill the MS21051-L08 one-leg nutplate to the F-721C.

I used a long piece of angle to keep the panel stiff while I drilled the angles to the forward deck.

Here are the left and right forward halves of the F-745 ribs. Before cutting them I drilled several angles to the ribs so the spacing was set correctly.

Here I reclecod the subpanel assembly in place after cutting the forward sections of the F-745 ribs off.

Next I worked on the battery box. We riveted the steel angles to the box last week but still had to fabricate the F-7127C retainer strap. I first cut it to length and then drilled the two #12 holes on the ends using the batter box as a guide.

Then I drilled 6 lightning holes in the retainer. I also fabricated the F-7127D doubler for the master/starter relays.