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Date: 04/28/2011
Task: Assembled parts

This evening I assembled many of the parts that were primed earlier in the week. I finished the seat backs and then moved on to the forward deck. The first task was riveting the F-768C seal supports to the F-768B outer sub-panels. Then the F-768C seal support was riveted onto the F-768A center sub-panel..Next the F-697 hat section was riveted to the center sub-panel. I was only able to squeeze the top two rivets as the others are too far to reach with the hand squeezers.I'll need another set of hands to shoot/buck the rest of those rivets.



Here most of the sub-panel has been riveted together other than the main F-745-L/R ribs. They need to be installed after the interior is painted and the rudder/brake pedals have been installed. The last part we assembled tonight was riveting the F-643-1 channel to the center sub-panel.