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Date: 04/07/2011
Task: Forward top skin

After getting the top skin on last night I worked to finish up the front deck this evening. I had to drill the F-743B corner angle into place and then disassemble the whole sub-assembly to be deburred.

To drill the F-743B I removed the clecos from about half of the skin. This allowed me to peel the skin up, insert and clamp the angle, and then drill it to the F-743-1 and the firewall.

To finish off the evening I fabricated 2 brackets for each side of the panel-to-firewall ribs. Due to the proximity of the EFIS screens and radio stack in the panel, there is no possibility those ribs can remain in their default position. My idea is to drill these brackets to the ribs now, cut the ribs off at the sub-panel, and then move the ribs horizontally along the sub-panel to set the position. I think it will work quite nicely and still give the panel its needed strength and support. The angles are 4" and 1.5" long with 5 rivet holes in the long one and 2 in the short one.