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Date: 03/20/2011
Task: Canopy Roll Bar

Today we continued work on the canopy roll bar. The upper strap was drilled to the aft frame after measuring and marking for each rivet hole. It's a long process but worked well!

Here the upper strap has been drilled to the frame. All holes start as #40 and will eventually be opened up to #30 for AD4 rivets.


Both straps drilled to the frame.


Next I cut 8 pieces of 1" X 3" trim wood and then cut 8 slices of 1" wide by 3" long x 3/8" thick balsa wood. With the balsa on top of the 1" piece, it forms the 1 3/8" spacer needed to achieve the 1.5" roll bar width.


Once the wood was in place, I clamped the top half of the frame down and locked it in place.



Once the top half of the fram was clamped down, I marked the horizontal 0.25" line and then used a square to mark the vertical rivet line.