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Date: 03/15/2011
Task: Canopy Roll Bar

This entry is composed of two work sessions. We first clamped a large piece of angle to the bottom of the plywood. I measured and marked the exact width and height of the rollbar. Using 1" wide oak, we cut blocks to use as end stops for the roll bar assembly to ensure dimension.


Once the roll bar was clamped down to the correction dimension and the inboard and bottom edges were sanded to the correct angles, we cut the plywood around the roll bar leaving about a 1/4" edge.

Next we measured the center of the F-631E splice plate and drilled it into position.

Here we've opened most of the holes up to #30.

Next we marked a 1/4" line down from the top edge of the channel as our horizontal reference.

We then marked in 1/4" from the center joint and in 2 1/32" up from the inside edge. We put a piece of masking tape down, marked the two end hole locations and then removed the tape. Laying the tape down flap on a piece of metal allowed us to measure the length between the two marks and divide that length by 19 (spaces between rivets). That gave us 20 rivet holes. We placed the tape back on the rear channel and marked the vertical line. Then we used a centerpunch to mark the position of each hole and drilled #40.

We repeated the above steps for the top of the channel as well. Then we layed the F-631-B lower strap on the roll bar and clamped it down at the center point. Using small c-clamps, we progressively drilled each hole using the channel as a drill guide.

Here is the final product! It looks great! next we will drill the F-631 upper strap in place and then open all holes to #30.